Human resources

    Fayyem much in this short time many "firsts" lies behind the importance given to human resources and an architect of the success. Racing in lane every man worthy of leadership in quality and taste continue offering products that Fayyem'n groups in the evaluation of human resources within the same philosophy: People first.

    Fayyem targets in human resources can be summarized as follows:

    · Constantly having Fayyem competence, work with qualified human resources,

    · Started competency-based human resource management system (performance evaluation, identifying potential, career planning, organizational backup applications) to promote on the basis of all employees,

    · Employees with family members, and they are a great make you feel that they are valuable,

    · With various incentives, encourage employers to offer criticism and suggestions for improving the system,

    · Excellent performance in achieving competence of employees, allow them to develop, creating a learning organization with continuous education and culture.

    Quality Circles, self-managing teams, Cost Improvement System and Lean 6 Sigma; Human resource base that enables the participation of employees is among applications

    All of these studies, to determine strengths and areas for improvement in ride quality and are supported with the appropriate action to help the realization of the self-assessment using excellence models of work. Fayyem's, intensive investment in training to employees is made.

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