Oath Features:
• Although digestibility is a balanced feed as
content is high.
• The male calves before fattening period makes
them ideally skeletal structure.
• The female calf heifers prior period allows
them to have a good body condition.
• allowing the development of breast structures
quickly supports future milk production.
• Heifer will enter the period increases the
retention rate in the offspring of animals heifer

Use oath:
• FAY YEM Calf Breeding Feeds, the day on which the calves are
weaned 4 months as a feed consumed. Every day with good quality
forage gradually increased 1500 grams. as it supplied.
• 2 to 4 must be in the medium or good quality hay as forage for
calf in the months of age.
• They are produced at a level to meet the needs of the calf.
• Calves should be kept constantly clean water in front.
• FAY YEM Calf Breeding Feeds, If you are using for the first time,
the transition from eating feed should be made within 7 -10 days
stirring slowly.
• Calf Breeding Feeds FEED FAULT should be given on a daily basis.