Oath Features:
• All food is prepared in a way that meets the needs of
the calf .
• a high digestibility of feed .
• Due to the delicious and appetizing feature lovingly
consumed by animals.
• Short also allows the development of ischemia Me
• Provides fast weight and height increase.
• Increase the viability of calves .
• There are in all the vitamins and minerals needed for
animal fodder . It is also not necessary to vitamins and
• diarrhea blocker products are used.

Use oath :
• The first 1 to 2 days should be given to the calf colostrum .
• Calves should be kept constantly clean water in front .
• If you are using FAY YEM CALF FEED START oath for the first time , the
transition should be carried out gradually within 7-10 days eating feed
mixed .
• FAY YEM CALF FEED START should be given on a daily basis .
• 2 high quality hay and milk from the week , with an excellent tripe,
provides development.
• calves after weaning Calf Breeding Feeds FEED FAULT ‘ What should be
started .