Oath Features:
• 5 months from birth until the age of 15 days ,
it used to feed young calves and heifers .
• the development of reproductive organs and
glands in the breast milk contributes to the
healthy development.
• Increases retention rate Progeny .
• lovingly consumed by animals due to Delicious
appetizing feature.
• Develop by the bones and skeletal system of
birth and milk productivity.

Use oath :
• If you’re starting a new oath FAY FEED Heifers , heifers should be
acclimated gradually within 7-10 days .
• There are in all the vitamins and minerals needed for animal fodder
. It is also not necessary to vitamins and minerals.
• Heifer average of 500 to 800 g / day must be supplied to ensure
weight gain .
• FAY YEM Heifer feed female calves should start to be given after
5 months , should start gradually oath milk terminated prior to the
birth to 2 weeks .
• Birth to 60 days prior to body condition and revised
arrangements should be made in the amount of feed .
• in front of high quality forage should be used and should be constantly