which is used in our products and the demand by producing the raw materials are supplied by our purchasing department. All during this procurement process is meticulously monitored by our quality control department.

    OK the agriculture and chemical engineers formed the entire production process until the quality control unit we received the products from raw materials to check on several points and is trying to offer our valued customers the highest quality possible.

    Our laboratory quality control of raw materials and feed moisture, crude protein, crude fiber, ash, ADF criteria as well as basic chemicals such as crude oil and starch, NDF, ADL, urea and aflatoxin analysis can be done in such detail. Our laboratory has been closely monitoring technological developments that shaped today. As an indication of the N.I. (Near Infrared Spectrophometr a) specific chemical properties of raw materials in a short time such as 45 seconds with the device can be determined.

    Our company is only aware of the need to regulate the quality is not limited to product quality, meeting regularly with regard to our process. All that can produce high quality and stable products as a result of this process, our company is growing with you the satisfaction of our customers.


    216,000 tons of annual production capacity in our factory with a production takes place in the following stages:

    Product Design and Development

    the success of the feed mix is ​​possible only with the closing of the nutrient deficiencies of each of the selected raw materials. Another important point is that it creates a certain synergy with forage species for the use of the feed mix. Such an alliance, but it can be achieved with the active field work and intensive analysis. In this context, it is regulated carefully mixed with feed harmonious Fayyum factory designed and developed new products in the field.


    Maximum precision dosing unit with the appropriate kinds of raw materials to the bill entered into the computer automatically draws the scales for weighing of silos in the desired amount.


    Fodder most important feature is that it has brought together more than raw material to be homogeneous. That can be consumed by animals of all raw materials used in order to achieve the intended benefits of the mixed feed should be fit homogeneously to a minimal volume. Achieving this is possible by grinding into very small particles of said substance. Combined feed grinding of raw materials, the mixture is homogeneous is a fact that can be utilized at a higher level in addition to being a prerequisite for the bait. Miniaturizing the oath grinding surface area expand and is becoming more open to the action of digestive enzymes. So as soon as excess nutrients are digested and passes into the bloodstream.


    Homogeneous mixture of nutrients is also an event that allows to be consumed together. Thus, these materials are digestible simultaneously, in the synthesis environment will be at the same time they provide a greater amount of product formation and better met.

    Made after milling homogeneity determined depending on the results obtained from tests performed on the mixture at an appropriate time.

    Premix Addition

    Basic raw materials to protect animal health from eating when they attended besides supporting and increasing the feed efficiency "Feed Additives" vitamins referred to by name is added to the mixture of minerals with the aim of causing loss like.

    Molasses Renovation

    The addition of liquid raw materials such as molasses unit that is made.


    by treatment with steam in a homogeneous manner in a suitable baking temperature of the finished mixture is compressed unit.


    Pellet press exiting products are at high temperature to remove moisture from the environment in which they contain with the aim is cooled to 18 ° C.


    weighing the produced mixed feed, bagging, labeling and sewing is done.

    Produced baits whether powdered, net 50 kg automatic bagging weigher get pellet form. It will be ready to dispatch polyester bag packed with health status.