Recruitment Process

    Fayyem of the personnel selection process; Our company, our teammates, our company candidates who wish to work and, most importantly, is the awareness that it is extremely important for our customers.

    Personnel selection process until the announcement to give feedback to candidates is given utmost importance at every stage, competency-based interviewing techniques being implemented and the target.

    Employees must have the following basic values.

    Customer Focus: Customer and needs, to become the main focus of all the work done; develop and maintain effective customer relations.

    Creating Trust: to ensure confidence in the intentions of the individuals and organizations to interact with other people.

    Continuous Learning: learning in an active way to explore new areas, regularly evaluate opportunities to learn, practice newly acquired skills and knowledge to use.

    Results Orientation: set high performance standards for himself and others; achieve goals or overcome obstacles to move in a stable manner and hear at the same time satisfy the goal attainment process; put his teammates to encourage high standards and ensuring continuity.