The most suitable type of feed is feed up to four months of shape. Young lambs in intensive fattening lambs 300- 350 grams worth of the average daily weight gain, 4 should be 35 to 40 kg live weight when they are monthly.

In this age of cut sheep meat color, lubricity, hardness, humidity and so on. It should satisfy the consumer in terms of other meat characteristics. In this system, first it must be very healthy and lots of motherly milk yield should be at a level to easily feed the puppies and kittens born at least a high weight. Once you have identified the rejuvenation rate will make our lot, we ourselves identified as breeding animals should continue breastfeeding up to 105 days from the host.

Apart from this, we must accept as the remaining lamb livestock. Fattened lambs about to be taken for 45 days, and should be used to suck milk from the mother as well as on the one hand to eat food grain.