Training & Development

    In providing customer satisfaction with the belief that education is the most important cases affecting the quality of the company are subject to a variety of training staff.

    Our aim;

    • Support Academy project with qualified experts on industrial rights, train counselors and administrators
    • Professional training, according to the needs of society to constantly renew and improve
    • The strength of our business; It is up to the strength of its weakest link is working towards improving our weakest link with consciousness.

    Our Training Strategy;

    1. Technical Training:

    • Orientation Training; One month trial period is accompanied creates harmony coach and technical competence within the reference value.
    • Sectoral Training; to be supplied with technical information about the work they have done business units are periodic training. Although the process of adaptation to technical issues Expressed in revising the information that exists in certain periods of refresher training or need to be taken regarding changing.

    2. Personal Development Training:

    • Basic Sales Training; Drying incipient people with business knowledge work they have done except to raise the necessary competence in terms that they can do better and aiming at behavioral changes followed, in sales as contact elements are also hosting the training.
    • Advanced Sales Training; At least two experts who manages the level and large customers as the basic communication within the sales team should take the staff as corporate communication techniques and training are hosting the advanced sales techniques.
    • Internal / External Customer Focus; Operations staff working in the sales team and to get a sense of the need to increase the internal customer satisfaction personnel are an integral part of education. In this way, external customer support services to the sales team that operations staff are expected to speak the same language with sales.
    • Coaching the Sales Team; In particular branch and area managers to be received by the target and that given by senior executives responsible for purchasing the achievement of the targets is needed in the way education is done in terms of sales coaching.
    • Training of trainers; to improve the skills of people with technical competence will give the stage education is an education of the people should receive at least 2 Expert level. This training is aimed at experienced internal trainers trained.

    3. Career Training:

    • Basic Management Skills; Rarely Expert 2 Expert 3 personnel manager at least a basic level of management training are approved for entry into the pool is level. Then the staff as human resources will be given a variety of projects will be supported in terms of educational practices.
    • Advanced Management Skills; Mid-level managers and training that are described in the management of advanced stage planned for later.
    • Coaching for Managers; Advanced management skills areas will be planned for senior executives and one to one sessions will be recorded as the development stage with the logic are coaching.

    4. Information Technology Training:

    •  Software Group Training; Related unit manager and technical approvals are to be taken in education that we have made or planned in the level of open participation to develop institutions for business.
    • Hardware Group Training; Related unit manager and technical approvals are to be taken in education that we have made or planned in the level of open participation to develop institutions for business.
    • Internal / External Customer Focus; working in operations and marketing staff and the relationship with all the staff, the team are training to improve internal customer satisfaction that must be an integral part of the IT staff.

    In this way, non-technical staff in customer service that all staff will be provided to increase the empathy skills.