Oath Features:
• Change the molecular form of starch in the grain.
• Starch becomes gelatinized perfect sense.
• Grain crushed cell expansion is achieved.
• Digestibility is increased in animals with the
changes mentioned above.
• The animals provide milk yield increased by 13%
due to 10%.
• It increases the amount of protein in milk.
• It improves the quality of cheese made from milk.
• vIt allows the dissolution of insoluble protein in
the intestine bypass.
• Harmful microorganisms are destroyed by high temperatures.
• Calves and heifers reduces diarrhea and respiratory infections.
• Sugar enhances the flavor and aroma of the dry matter intake.
• Pellet feed, when mixed with goat horns and clover becomes a perfect
starting-growing feed for calves.
• Dairy cattle, calves, cattle, sheep, goats and horses is an ideal feed
• You can use all the fattening period ..

Use oath:
• In enterprises that their oath is mixed with other raw materials and
• In addition to the pet can be for meat.
• Increase the success rate in keeping anger and offspring for dairy
• It provides balance in slow release rumen starch.
• Besides, in addition to data oath.
• Eliminate the negative energy balance in early lactation period of
high yielding animals that are removed.
• During this period, 1 kg / day should be given additional barley flakes.
• Grazing, pastures and sheep wandering in particular give Barley
flakes for performance and body weight gain in lambs animals.