Oath Features:
• Improves the taste and smell of the dry matter
intake have.
• Increase the milk yield.
• It increases the milk protein.
• Digestibility is high.
• Thanks to its production technology harmful
microorganisms are destroyed at high temperature.
• According to Dane and broken corn it is higher
than the amount in use.
• It is a good source of dietary energy.
• It provides early detection anger.
• Balance in the body condition in early lactation.
• Increases in meat and milk yield ranged from 10-13% ...

Use oath:
• In enterprises that their oath is mixed with other raw materials
and feeds.
• In addition administered to animals with high milk production.
• Resentment and increase the success rate of insemination.
• Besides, in addition to data oath.
• Eliminate the negative energy balance in early lactation period
of high yielding animals that are removed.
• In this period of 3 kg / day should be added to corn flakes.
• Grazing, wandering in the wide pastures and living stress during
transport also support your body with corn flakes for animals
that are scoring 3.0 and below.