Oath Features:
• Provides maximum live weight gain.
• energy, protein, vitamins and minerals is a
balanced feed.
• stimulates the formation of intensive fattening
önler.işkemb development due to digestive
system problems.
• buffers for the prevention of acidosis was
• Thanks to its delicious and appetizing feature
lovingly consumed by animals.

Use oath:
• There are in all the vitamins and minerals needed for animal fodder.
It is also not necessary to provide vitamins and minerals.
• The feed mouth milk, followed by the normal breast-feed and
milk replacer feed for 3 weeks from start to FAY FEED START FEED
Lambs fed.
• milk to the lamb with free feeding, it started to be morning and
evening. Milk 2 times a day will not be given fodder to the lamb.
• The recommended amount should be increased gradually, while
the lambs 42 days to give the position to consume approximately
750- 800 grams per day.