Oath Features:
• it has a high protein and energy content of the
feed .
• Due to the delicious and appetizing feature
lovingly consumed by animals.
• Milk quality and extends the dry matter content
and the right time .
• Increase fertility , calving age and increase the
number of breeding remain .
• By- pass protein content is high

Use oath :
• Feed will be used for the first time must be
given within 1 week Familiarize .
• Birth 10 - 15 days prior to between 500 to 700 g per day should
be gradual .
• must be at least 3 or 4 meals a day .
• There are in all the vitamins and minerals needed for animal fodder
. It is also not necessary to vitamins and minerals.
• The amount varies according to the feed discovery will be daily
fodder and milk yield.