Oath Features:
• FAY MILK SHEEP FEED FEED feed can be used in
place of milk is a milk yield period.
• It is a way of loving animals can consume formula.
• Energy and protein content is arranged according
to test results.
• There is also no need for vitamin and mineral
Use oath:
• FAY FEED MILK SHEEP sheep oath be run slowly
if you’re new in a week.
• FAY FEED MILK SHEEP FEED granting should start from the first
pregnancy for the last 3 weeks. This practice should continue until
birth and gradually be run after birth.

Use oath:
• Familiarize FAY FEED yearling manures should be given
to animals to be used for the first time.
FAY YEM MILK SHEEP FEED, what additional roughage (hay, dry
grass, wet grass) unless you do not necessarily straw. (especially
the first one month after birth)
• water content, such as corn silage or fodder beet pulp, while certainly
make sure that the high mold-free.
• Sheep sağlanmalıdır.Because of the water released as free water
and 25% increase in milk production in the tar clean when