Oath Features:
• Provides rapid growth and muscle development.
• Due to the delicious and appetizing feature
lovingly consumed by animals.
• Provides maximum live weight gain.
• buffers for the prevention of acidosis was

Use oath:
• If you’re starting a new FAY YEM fodder, fattening
cattle within 15 days it should be run in
• FEED FAULT manures should be at least 3-4
meals a day.
• There are in all the vitamins and minerals needed for animal fodder.
It is also not necessary to provide vitamins and minerals.
• Food is given until the end of 60 days later. FAY END OF FEED
NUTRITION transition to swear will provide a higher feedlot performance.
• on carcass quality and efficiency due to its special formula, it
makes a positive impact.
• At least 30% of your quality forage dry matter basis for speedy