Oath Features:
• FEED FAULT TOKLU manures used in the feeding of 12%
crude protein and 2750 kcal metabolizable energy is an
excellent fattening lambs to feed.
• There is no need for vitamins and minerals added.
• Feed to benefit from increasing muscle provides a superior
• FEED FAULT TOKLU manures is a loving animal feed they

Use oath:
• Familiarize FAY FEED yearling manures should be given
to animals to be used for the first time.
FAY YEM Yearling Fattening Feed 4 - from 6 months up to 12
months in the field of nutrition of lambs kullanılır.y is recommended
for hay or silage.
• 3 meals should be given.
• Up to 30-35 kg of body weight should be given daily 1 to 1.5 kg
yearling feed.
• To post 1.5-2.5 kg from 40 kg per day should be given FAY YEM
Yearling Fattening Feed