As in every branch of dairy farming are also important principles . The place to feed animals ( environment ) conditions need to be in if we wrote a few articles:

1-) Ventilation: Business size and should be adjusted according to the number of animals. Good ventilation is not provided in the barn , on the animal unnecessary drafts of the formation ; The lack of air circulation through a static air causes heat to accumulate in the environment . As a result, the decline in milk production in animals , live weight loss, heat stress comes many problems occur such as failure to dispose of accumulated heavy smell of urine nitrogen in the environment.

2-) The temperature of the barn : Animals must be able to offer the best efficiency range . Dairy cattle can be carried out in accordance between +5 and +21 ° C. At lower temperatures can give the best care and feeding conditions in efficiency. Things to stables must be configured calculated by the number of animals to be housed . Ambient temperature will be higher than the animals in the barn temperature stress and yield decline will be experienced . The air temperature will rise together with the body temperature of the animals and the animals will exude . The barn in the air raids , also affected by the impact will be ill from sudden changes in body temperature of animals.

3-) The moisture of the barn : The barn humidity, constant age to rid the ranch of water and urine on the floor, in the lack ventilation or a small area with a high number of animals housed occur gelmektedir. rutubetl of the environment, the addition to animal health problems in reducing the milk yield , there might be the reason .

4-) Feed and Water Needs: Feeders and drinkers , should be easily within the reach of the animals to where they were bound . Always check the cleanliness of the manger . Reach a comfortable spot for drinking water of the animals can not divide the period of training , as in the feed should be kept constant and clean water. Dependence on water every living thing that must be remembered is of great importance . Clean and abundant water yield reduction occurs in animals not given the same day . The point that drafts of the animals should be given to irrigation .