If we want plenty of milk yield. We have to choose which race from high milk yield . Besides, the choice of certain registered and pedigree animals is important. Milk yield occurred in the offspring of the parents should be noted that plenty of milk would be plenty.


In dairy cattle feed is very important. The expenditure incurred in a business expense Feed 60- 70% of the covers. This is to cut down the expenses led to a decline in milk yield.

The amount of feed given to the animals should be remembered that in the milk line can be set.

According to the needs of high-efficiency animal feed FEED FAULT preferred edilmelidir.2.5- 3 kg 1 kg of the milk used for dairy ediyoruz. h advice group has been prepared taking into consideration animal feed and breed traits. FAY as bait, 16 proteins, 18 proteins, 19 proteins and 21 proteins we produce milk feeds. In this regard, the company will use 24 hours on feed and free telephone technical support we provide.

Live animals or taken outside margin requirements raised by the company itself are provided with fodder. Rough and dry matter content of the live weight of the animals in concentrate feed 2- 3 ‘must be up. The shares are met with demands for efficiency Fodder. Quality milk and should be used in addition to absolutely concentrate feed forages for a healthy herd.

Given the amount of milk each cow by giving inekil yemlenmelidir. 35 kg to 15 kg, which should not be the same rate as cow feed.

The concentrated animal feed varies according to the needs of lactation. Lactation can divide the four parts.

1. Period (early lactation): milking cows in the peak of milk production period is the first 70-day period before calving including next. Cow reaches the highest milk production in this period before the next calving.

During this period, the dry matter needs to be increased, the energy demand will be higher than usual. Animals will consume the body structure to meet its energy needs in this period. This situation causes a rapid loss of condition and negative energy balance. When the bait quickly in this case met the danger emerges of acidosis. In this case we need to use the forage and concentrate feed in proper proportions.

Feed rates to be excessive food consumption during this period can cause the aversion to animal feed should be increased gradually. After calving should be increased 0.5-1 kg of concentrate feed every day. 40% of the feed given must create fodder. Oath concentrate taken for the establishment of equilibrium must be rich in calcium phosphorus this content.

FAY TEM productive animals in accordance with the supply of high quality dairy feed mix to produce a professional manner.

2. Period ( mid lactation) : It reached the peak of the dry matter intake and reduced milk production has started 70 - The period between 140 days.

In this period we have to extend the highest milk yield reached the highest level we can keep milk production . During this period, there may be a decrease in milk fat ; therefore we must pay attention to it, and the animal’s weight loss .

Due to excessive weakening of ketosis it can be seen. Irregularities in hidden resentment or anger cycle can easily be observed in cows fed Energy incomplete .

FEED FAULT our healthy and nutritious animal in this period is given as a feed FEED FAULT 19 and 21 protein baits can be used . It is supported through special nutrition mixtures in accordance with the period in which animals found.