After the calf period, so it called animal heifer from birth up to 6 months. Heifer quality forage during this period and must be fed with high quality heifer feed. Heifers fed after birth in this period and milk yield in future periods, in terms of development and reflect the value of the offspring is a very important race. Consistently clean and abundant water in front of the animal should be taken. Heifers should be fed to receive daily 650-800 g body weight gain.

The important thing heifers need to have the ability to reproduce early as possible is gaining weight.

After reaching sexual maturity of heifers inseminated for the first time to breed puppies should be up to 70% of average body weight of an adult animal. This is 340- 163-170 cm chest circumference and body weight of 360 kg, which corresponds to the width. 60 days prior to the birth of heifers in body condition should be revised, it should be made a supply accordingly. Tamla development that animals give birth in approximately 24- 26 months of age. Small fry in early inseminated animals, milk inability of the feature race, comes many problems occurred as unhealthy bone and body development.