This period of rest periods for animals entering the stress due to high milk yield. A time range of 60 days for the dry period is sufficient.

Whatever the milk yield of the animals to be removed must be separated from dry milk and other animal that is a nutrition program accordingly, it should be applied. Digestion should be high baits. The breast should be milked animals should be milked dry completely then for 1 week. Skip to feed and water trapped dry period can be accelerated. Body condition score during the dry period should be between 3-3.5. From feeding and calving affects the subsequent milk yield in the dry period. Dry period cows should not be lubricated. Silage, sugar beet pulp, root and tuber water baits like baits to exceed 8-10% of the average animal’s live weight in kg per day verilmelidir.g 1 ‘s close mixed feed should be used. Using an average of 2-3 kg would be appropriate. But the birth rate should remain 7-10 days to feed not to exceed 1.5% by weight.

Feed the animals during the dry period should be checked up on yemlikleri, rotten or moldy deterioration in the structure became fodder animals verilmemelidir.b yields will jeopardize the health of the animals and to nature.

Rumen of the animal during the dry period rest.Milk cloth are prepared for the next lactation. This period should be paid to the needs vitamins. Especially vitamins A and D needs to be met with baits. This is necessary for development of the offspring to be born.



1.5) This cow ‘s body condition score of 1.5. and key indicators göstermektedir.h rib sharp and distinct as görülmektedir.kıs ribs along the back bone is seen also individually.

2.0) Body score 2 , which can be very good zayıftır.sağlıg cow , but this condition due to poor reproduction ( fertility ) and can reveal problems with the milk yield .

2.5) 2 and cows ribs between 3 scores still belirgindir.ancak individual görünmeyebilir. çok in a dairy farms that are well managed , the lowest body score olmalıdır.ideal this can be seen , less than 10 % of the herd must be at 2.5 body score.

3.0) This is ideal for cow lactation period many durumdadır.3.5 This is close to the cow’s lactation period many upper limit of which is suitable for body condition , but the condition, and to give birth during the dry period idealdir.ilk time for heifers calving period is a condition targeted me.

4.0) Many farmers cows born when she wanted to be in this weight showed that research conducted in the UK , the postnatal problems of fat cow ( loss of appetite and excess fat loss ) , half a degree is lower score is greater than cow giving birth .

5.0) This fat inektir.metabolik problems , empty for months without the high risk of lameness in terms altındadır.geb are also likely to remain .