Certainly colostrum within the first 15 to 20 minutes after birth (colostrum) Contingent must be provided. Daily amount of colostrum should be given up to 12 have 10% of birth weight. Half of this amount should be tried to be include in the first 4 to 6 hours. The content of colostrum feeding is closely related with the dry period. Keeping the immune system in the short mouth of the milk and the pups development of the dry period leads to a lack of supporting materials. Calves are born after their mothers should be in a separate compartment within 24 hours. Supports 10- and 15 cm thick stalks should be laid should be dry and clean. Airflow field must not be in an airless place. Reach water and feed should be placed into a chamber that will not harm him. After colostrum given fresh milk. Especially milk should be heated in cold weather.

Calf Considerations in Growth Points Required
1. Observe the intake of liquid food. The animals received more liquid will cause the mat to the polluting quickly.
2. Milk should be given two meals a day.
3. The amount of milk given up even in cold weather can be removed to increase 1.5 times.
4. The maintenance of the umbilical cord after birth must be done properly. Calves must be housed in a dry and clean place. Waste caused by birth should be buried immediately be removed from the environment limed
5. On the temperature of the main milk liquid foods, could be arranged 37.5 ° C.
6. Dry and clean litter must be 10-15 cm thick. The wet pads must be replaced immediately.
7. What should be the temperature inside the shelter cold nor hot.
8. Calf shelters should not be too frequent.
9. Observe the vitamin and mineral balance. FAY YEM group is not necessary to feed all the diseases except for vitamin supplements. Vitamins and minerals are present rate periodically adjusted according to the age of the animals is constantly checked. 10. Shelters in providing a complete hygiene in all businesses should not