For a beef quality and modem, young and live animals susceptible to weight gain should be used. The animal’s genetic ability inherent in the development of appropriate nutrients is achieved by the supply of minerals and additives. FAY YEM feed fattening group tested in the field on this issue and produce high quality forages that allows muscle development and body growth. Animals should be avoided by lubrication muscle development should be supported at an early age. Daily live weight gain in beef cattle is of great importance. Before you begin fattening beef with higher daily live weight gain should be created selected from a group of breeds.

1. The animal’s race: The first animal live weight gain to be obtained from an animal is limited to the genetic structure. This limit can be reached with the care and feeding conditions. Genetic structure according to daily weight gain around 1000 g native breeds are not able to reach the 1400 to 1600 grams.
2. Gender: Male cattle, must have been castrated and was determined to give a better performance from both female beef cattle.
3. Age: Age, will be an important faktördür.besi to affect the performance in cattle fattening animals must have completed a period of growth.
4. Ethnicity: Breeding value must be used in the fattening of bull puppies obtained from the high.
5. Exercise: Exercise is called the development of the animal feed and understandable situation.
6. Care and Health: Feeding animals to be taken against internal and external parasites and was medicated feed should be made as necessary vaccinations.
7. Feeding: It is necessary a good feed formulation.