As in every animal arm by that profitability in sheep purpose, the necessary manpower, as well is the best way to take advantage of such power from feeding the animals. That is why we need to think separately with lamb fattening magnification.Upgrading from beef and lamb enough to result in good conditions, better than the lamb growing period results of malnourished fattening lambs. This is an important factor affecting profitability.

Exercise: Getting started with beef, not just beef to feed the lambs. Animals gradually enlarging lamb oath of uğrar.ön to participate manures digestive disorders. Then, both the feed is placed on separate feeders. So a week acclimated, then, enlargement would not be farming. Weaning: I received kesilir.he fattening of lambs weaned dairy and beef farming revenues heavy lambs. View does not cut lamb milk sheep gives milk again. But 15 days after the start of feeding until after milking, lambs can join him in the main.

Beside the men: Male lambs, even though they ate the same food, more meat for more yüksektir.o tutarlar.erkek fattening ability of the ewe lambs, heavy lambs gives better results than men in the fattening lambs.

Vaccine: Before fattening, lambs enterotoxemia vaccine should be given.

Selenium: Selenium deficiency in some regions of the earth and plant görülür.bura, for çıkar.o white muscle disease in lambs, the lambs selenium, vitamin E, minerals and vitamins are given.