Fayyem, all the innovations in the world in its sector to give Turkey market and R & D work done in the field with customers to bring their innovations to succeed has adopted its own purpose.

    We believe the correct orientation to overcome the social and environmental challenges in the country, and the necessity of construction of a chain spread ranging from production to consumption of this approach.

    Since 2008 Fayyem showing continuous growth in all areas, in the next period in order to make this growth sustainable in an ambitious manner;

    With our strong portfolio of brands, our presence in emerging markets and our long-term commitment towards creating common values, in terms of how to achieve this ambitious goal, we believe that we are in the proper position.

    Sustainable development, social, ecological, economic, spatial and cultural dimensions, which is a concept.

    To be sustainable when reconstruct the country; to meet the needs of future generations without exhausting natural resources by establishing a balance between human and nature by allowing the development is today and to guarantee the future survival and development.

    To achieve this goal, our employees, our dealers and our customers are launching a long-term program together.